Saturday, May 1, 2010

Open House 2010

Theme: I CAN!!!

This is my first year teaching... and open house at a Christian School is a BIG deal! Well.... I think it went well. Granted... my room was no where near as cool and fun as my partner teacher's room. Oh well, I guess that is what happens when your partner has 33 years of teaching on you.

Here is our museum of modern art!

We cut the frames out of cardboard, let the kids glue pasta on, and then spray painted them in Gold. They really do look cool. This is something I will leave up for the rest of the year.

Bible Board

Kids stories are always so interesting!

We took a trip to Tanaka Farms (a fruit and veggie farm).

After our trip to Tanaka Farms we made smashberry jam. I had it out to sample at Open house and it was such a hit. I also had cut out paper strawberries for the families to add to a bar graph to say whither they liked it or not.

I would suggest that whenever you have students make something, ask them what they would like to title it! I had no idea what things were until I heard the titles... It also makes it more like an art show.

The names that they picked for their wood was amazing! Do you see the crane in the background? I would have never guessed. We put these together with wood glue and then the kids painted them.

I made the dress up center like Tanaka Farms. They could even dig for strawberries in the science table.

I love the hand hearts :)

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