Tuesday, April 20, 2010

home sick

I am home sick today. I went to work and then half way through the day I called a sub. It amazes me when I stop and take a look at my class. I am so blessed. I work at a christian school and when I told them this morning that I wasn't feeling well, they asked if they could pray for me. These are Kindergartners I am talking about here! It isn't the first time they have asked if they could pray for me, but it gets me every time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

getting started

I am a first year teacher in Kindergarten. This year I also started my first blog: The Crafty Tulip. While creating this blog, I have really felt the need to have an outlet for teaching ideas, frustrations, and laughs. I didn't want it to be on my craft blog... so here it is... my second blog. The more I thought about making this blog the more excited I got. Then I got a little sad, wishing I had started this at the beginning of the year to chronicle my first year as a teacher. But... I guess late is better than never. So here we go!